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office/domicile: Vlastina 889/23, 161 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
mobile: +420 608 045 815

e-mail: artcorp@artcorp.cz

IČ: 27186881, DIČ: CZ27186881, Rg. C 102905, OR Praha

ArtCorp s.r.o. was founded in October 2004.


2015-16 TAXI 121“ - film, dir. Dan Pánek, ArtCorp s.r.o.
2010-15 „Cesty domů“ - TV series, dir. Jiří Adamec, Jaromír Polišenský, CORE PRODUCTION a.s.
2013 BONY A KLID II“ - movie, dir. Vít Olmer, NOGUP agency s.r.o.
2013 ROK BEZ MAGORA“ - movie, dir. Oliver Malina Morgenstern, ArtCorp s.r.o.
2012 Dům Snů“ - TV series, dir. Petr Slavík, Petr Zahrádka, GRANT-PRODUKCE, spol. s r.o.
2010 Záchranný Systém“ - partial casting for TV series, Artreal s.r.o., Slopvakia
2010 TACHO“ - partial casting for movie, režie Mirjam Landa, 2LANDA s.r.o.
2009 bludičky“ - partial casting, three parts TV movie, dir. Irena Pavlásková, Česká televize
2009 Domina“, dir. Jiří Svoboda, Česká televize Brno
2009 NEPOLEPŠITELNÝ“ - partial casting for TV movie, dir. Jiří Svoboda, Česká televize Ostrava
2009 ŚŤASTNÝ SMOLAŘ“ - partial casting for TV story, dir. Matej Mináč, Česká televize Brno
2008-09 VYPRÁVĚJ“  - TV retroserie, dir. Rudolf Tesáček, Biser Arichtev, Dramedy Production s.r.o.
2008 ZEMSKÝ RÁJ TO NAPOHLED“  - movie, dir. Irena Pavlásková, Cineart TV Prague s.r.o.
2008 LES MRTVÝCH“ - TV movie, dir. Jiří Svoboda, Česká televize Brno
2008 EXPOZITURA“ - TV series, dir. Petr Kotek, Ivan Pokorný, TV NOVA
2007 A LAKE(Un Lac) - movie, dir. Philippe Grandrieux, Mandrake Films, France (special price at Venecia Festival 2008)
2007 REDESIGN ČT 2“ – spots, dir. Lukáš Fišárek, Česká televize
2007 REDESIGN ČT 1“ – spots, dir. Uroš Trefalt, Česká televize
2007 TRAPASY“ – loop of tales: „Wooer“, „Shoes“, „Sextons“, dir. Tomáš Krejčí, Česká televize
2006-07 HORÁKOVI“ – TV serie, dir. Tomáš Krejčí, Biser Arichtev, Dramedy Productions s.r.o.
2007 ANTIKONCEPCE“ – edifying spot, dir. Jiří Strach, HOO DOO Production s.r.o.
2006-07 SESTRA“ – movie, cooperating on main woman part casting, dir. Vít Pancíř, endorfilm s.r.o.
2006 BESTIÁŘ“ – movie, dir. Irena Pavlásková, Starlite Films s.r.o.
2005 Pokušení“ - video movie with the theme of traffic operations safety, dir. Mirjam Landa
2005-06 EDEN“ -TV series, dir. Petr Nikolaev a Jiří Chlumský
2005 ŽENY Za Volantem“ - video movie with the theme of traffic operations safety,  dir. Mirjam Landa
2004-05 Zlatá karta“ - pilot part of TV series "EDEN", dir. Petr Nikolaev

ArtCorp s.r.o. Artcorp ltd. cooperates with other casting agencies on cast of movies and commercials, realized in Czech Republic and abroad.


Jana Kůtková,
worked during years 1986 -1992 as a runner or an AD on these projects: e.g.: The Last Buterfly, dir. K. Kachyňa; Rausch der Verwandlung (Jag of Transmission), dir. E. Molinaro; Animals in the town, dir. V. Křístek; Description of a Struggle, dir. J Jireš, also casted commercials. From 1992 worked as a manager and now is Manager director of the company.

Martin Bartoš,
graduate MF FFUK Prague, he has wide experience with computing technology. He provides technical, multimedia and IT support.



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